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25. Camera system will be installed on multiple floors

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32. Qty of inside fixed cameras

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36. Inside cameras to be mounted on ceiling or side walls

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38. Does site have fire walls?

39. Type of cable

40. Outside cameras to be mounted on roof, side wall or in parking lot

41. If parking lot, is trench required with conduit?

42. If roof, is there proper access?

43. Total length of all cable required for job

44. How far is entrance from DVR?

45. Qty of DVR's to be used

46. Qty of system controllers to be used

47. Will remote access be utilized on DVR?

48. How far is the DSL connection from the DVR?

49. Control room has proper ventilation

50. DVR to be located on

51. Qty of monitors (non PVM) to be used

52. Onsite training to be done

53. Will a PVM (public view monitor) be used?

54. Qty of PVM's to be used

55. PVM is to be installed from

56. What is the distance from the floor to the bottom of the PVM?

57. Please describe any aditional Requirements for this surveillance Installation (Explain in detail)